We offers a multitude of design services, complete with an in-house project management team to bring your renovation from ideas to reality. The myriad of offering can be categorized as follows:

Space planning

Space planning is an integral part of the design process. Most of our projects start with this phase where we start filling in the blanks on the layout plan. Our design team will block out interior spatial areas.

Concept development

Many designers viewed this as the “most exciting” stage of design engineering as ideas flow freely at this phase. At MDS, we recognise the paramount constraints of schedule and budget in every project.

Design development

With the client approval on the schematic design and budget, the design is further refined where designing details and materials are ruminated. Computer 3D renderings will then be employed.

Construction management

With our in-house project team, we offer a one-stop seamless integrated design and build capability. This allows us to consistently deliver bespoke renovation works with high quality workmanship.